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The Perfect Gift

The 3rd edition of the Santa Barbara Restaurant Guide
is available in leading bookstores in Santa Barbara

Sugar Momma's In Studio

Nothing's sweeter than a Sugar Momma... maybe two! Sugar Momma's Kimberly Reiner and Jenna Sanz-Agero are in studio with us and are talking all about their new book.... "Sugar, Sugar: Every Recipe Has a Story" And what a story it is! Sugar, Sugar contains recipes from across the country, each with it's unique story! From cakes sent as a symbol of love, to pies perfect for parties, the tales behind these recipes are as enticing as the dessert themselves! To hear them on the show, go to www.nippers.com and listen to their in studio appearance from 4/19/2012 or to buy their book go to www.sugarsugarrecipes.com MORE

Who's Hungry? Hungry Girl Lisa Lillian on NTT 4/26/2012

Lisa Lillien AKA "The Hungry Girl" isn't a nutritionist... she's just hungry! This Hungry girl considers herself to be a "foodologist" not because she has a fancy degree, but because she's obsessed with food! How wonderful it is, how much she can eat and still fit into her pants! New York Times best selling author and chef on the hit t.v. show on the Food Network, HUNGRY GIRL... Lisa Lillian is going to be in studio with us on 4/26 sharing all of her great tips for eating great and keeping the waistline in check! She's full of energy and her recipes are as fun as she is! Check out her daily blog at www.hungry-girl.comMORE

Food Trucks! All the rage on this great new trend in Santa Barbara

The New Black B.B.Q. The Burger Bus O Street Truck These are just a few of the newest and greatest trend setting food trucks that seem to be hitting our town. With the costs of owning and running your own restaurant being sky high these days in any city... chefs in town are using a little ingenuity and throwing their best entrepreneurial foot forward and are finding customers that want to eat gourmet but don't necessarily need to sit in a restaurant. With the choices being virtually endless, you can find delicious BBQ, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, and even the best burger in town on some of these trucks! Duo Chris Sullivan and Nick Barainca of the New Black B.B.Q. here in town will be on our show on May 10th... and you won't want to miss it! With such menu items like Kobe Beef Brisket that's marinated in molasses, mustard seed and bay leaf or Jidori Chicken with honey lavender... this isn't your average B.B.Q. If your mouth is watering and you can't wait to hear them on the show to tell you all about their schedule here in town, check them out online at www.thenewblackbbq.com or listen on May 10th at 9 AM to www.nippers.com MORE

Around the World

If you haven't listened to our other show Around The World yet... what are you waiting for?! Get to know us as the radio & t.v. show that WILL literally send you on trips AROUND THE WORLD! This last month alone we're sending people on a trip for two to Chicago! How about this...one lucky winner (announced on 4/19) won round trip tickets for two from LAX-ISTANBUL! Our next giveaway will be sending you and a companion from LAX-ZURICH on Swiss Air!! So hurry up... go check out our website at www.atw.tv and find out how you can win!! MORE

What's Cooking?

Restaurant Roulette

Are you stuck in a rut going to eat the same thing at the same place at the same time? Take a gamble and try our Restaurant Roulette. Just hit the spin button and our restaurant computer database will randomly choose a restaurant for you to try. There is no charge but you might get a charge of trying something new. Good luck!
Spin if you feel lucky.

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